Episode 015: Cthulhu

Do you know the difference between Dagon and Ithaqua? We didn’t, so we called Eric “E” Neustadter to explain all about H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and his world-ending pals, the Elder Gods. E talks about the connection to Dungeons & Dragons, the resurgence of this once-forgotten supernatural horror realm, the existence of an “evil Atlantis,” and what happens if you get on Cthulhu’s bad side (“you probably get eaten”). We also play a chipper round of You Must Choose, and we learn a shocking revelation about Chance Fortran.

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Special Guest: Eric Neustadter

H.P. Lovecraft
TSR: Deities & Demigods
Alone in the Dark (PC, 1992)

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