Episode 020: Outtakes of 2014

To close out our first season, we’ve got an outtakes show — all kinds of stuff that wasn’t good enough to play you until we wanted to take our holiday time for ourselves. We’ve got a full rehearsal of one of Chance Fortran’s adventures, Hugh Sterbakov going off script, a few dirty jokes, a lengthy improv with John Ross Bowie, the worst pronunciation of Latin ever, and the full version of that funky transition music you always hear. Thanks to all our guests, and thank for your support during our first season. Happy holidays!

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Music: “D-Funked” by Dan Amrich

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  • Chris Hendrickx

    It’s nice to see behind the curtain every now and then and see all the production work that goes into making the show segments I know and love. These outtakes are gold. This is the kind of raw stuff that outtakes should be, entertaining and funny (especially when Hugh went all Apu on you).
    That being said: Thank you to both Dan and Kat for all the work that goes into making this show. I’ve learned more about some topics that I ever thought I would want to know, and heard from several really cool people. I hope you enjoy your time off and return soon. It’s like having old friends in my car with me on my on my commute and I miss you guys when you’re not around. Come back soon!