Episode 009: Le Tour de France

Just in time for the final day of le Tour de France, we’ve got cycling enthusiast and ex-racer Paul Curthoys to explain all the fuss about riding a bike through the Alps every July. We cover the strategies of competitive cycling, the Tour’s legendary athletes, the current stars to watch, crashes, doping, and what all those different colored jerseys mean. Plus, Kat’s secret cycling past is revealed! We’ve also got another round of You Must Choose, and Chance Fortran might be in trouble with the top brass. (NSFW: A few dirty words slip out during the conversation and they’re not bleeped this time. Yeah, on our cycling show, of all things. But you’re warned!)

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Special Guest: Paul Curthoys


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  • James

    Hey Dan+Kat, hear about Senator Leeland Yee being arrested and jailed for weapons trafficking? He bought SHOULDER-MOUNTED ROCKET LAUNCHERS from an islamic extremist and kind of sold them to a guy from the FBI (Bad, I know right) But it’s so good he didn’t play violent video games, he might have become a REAL threat to society.

    • Yeah, he’s actually local to us here in San Francisco. Pretty stunning hypocrisy!