Episode 012: Escape Rooms

You’ve solved plenty of puzzles in videogames; can you do it when there’s no reset button? How about being locked in a room full of mysteries, with just 60 minutes to discover what the room hides, solve its puzzle, find the key, and get out? That’s the idea behind escape rooms, a relatively recent hybrid of interactive gaming and live theater, and even when you attempt it with friends, it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. Nate Martin, CEO and co-founder of Puzzle Break, joins us to talk about the origins of the genre, what you need to do to successfully solve a room, and where you can find one near you. He also plays a great round of You Must Choose, while Chance Fortran, Tech Therapist does a lot of typing.

[Update: Fixed missing dialogue in Chance Fortran. Updated file ends in _v2! –Dan]

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Special Guest: Blythe Renay

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