Episode 013: Star Trek TOS

When it comes to geek fandom, Star Trek really set the pace — and while the films and The Next Generation were the jumping-on points for a lot of modern fans, it really all goes back to 1966, when a brash Gene Roddenberry fought NBC to bring his vision of “Wagon Train in space” to American airwaves (in color!). Greg the Bunny/Warren The Ape creator, voice of Robot Chicken’s Skeletor and Star Trek superfan Dan Milano takes us through the formative period of the show, how it inspired the first rabid sci-fi fanbase of the modern era, and reveals the real reason why William Shatner delivers his lines that way. We also throw some You Must Choose curveballs, and Chance Fortran makes with the mentoring.

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Special Guest: Dan Milano

Dan Milano’s website, WarrenTheApe.com
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