Episode 001: Theme Parks

Welcome to Dan & Kat Talk! We kick off our first show with one of our favorite people: Dave Cobb, Senior Creative Director at Thinkwell Group. For close to 20 years, Dave’s helped design, write, and create theme-park rides and attractions, including Back to the Future: The Ride, Men In Black: Alien Attack, T2 3D, Tomb Raider: Firefall, and Star Trek: The Experience, among many others. We ask him how he got into the biz, how you handle the creative responsibility of some of the biggest franchises in the world, and what ever-changing variable keeps him on its toes (hint: it’s you). Dave then joins us for a spirited round of our new game, You Must Choose, and guest-stars on the inaugural interstellar voyage of Chance Fortran, Tech Therapist. Thanks for listening!

Hosts: Dan Amrich & Kat Auch
Special Guest: Dave Cobb

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  • I wouldn’t mind a full episode of “You Must Choose”. That was hilarious!

  • Thanks for having me! Super fun.

  • Devon

    Wow, I listen to a lot of podcasts but no one has peaked my interest as much as this one. I’m a huge Disneyland fan and very interested in imagineering. I could listen to you guys talk about Disneyland for days. Great show.

  • PrimevilKneivel

    Congrats on an excellent first show guys. I was sad when it ended. Dave, you were fascinating and fun. I’m looking forward to more great shows 🙂

  • Stewart Quinn

    Great first show guys and Dave Cobb was awesome. I can’t wait to hear who is next and as for Chance Fortran I can see him with his own spin off one day.